Sign in.

Log in to with your username and password on the Supplier tab.

Depending on which authorization you have, you will see different views when you are logged in, if you are an individual facility, you will see the six menu choices that have rings around them, otherwise all nine.

Go to Web checkout.


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Fill in the details for the purchase. If you manage several facilities, select the correct facility in the list under Supplier.

Ask the customer for identification and fill in the full social security number.

If you get an error message that the customer was not found, you can ask the customer to contact their employer about their account. If it says that the payment function is not available, ask the customer to pay in the Epassi app instead.

Enter total amount and Service description. Select VAT from the list.

Mark that you have confirmed the customer's identity with identification.

Check the data.

Click Charge this to complete the payment.

If the health care contribution does not cover the entire amount, you will receive a message that the user needs to be charged the remaining amount directly via your own means of payment (outside of Epassi).

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Important to consider when paying in the online checkout!

Some employers have a policy that their employees need to pay part of the purchase themselves when they use their health care allowance. It is therefore important that you always enter the total amount for the purchase in the online checkout, so that this calculation is correct. If you only enter what the employee has in health care allowance, the entire health care allowance balance will not be debited.