At the end of the leasing period, you as an employee can redeem the bike for the current market price. Epassi cannot promise the redemption value of the bike at the beginning of the lease period, as the market price depends on the model and condition of the bike. In general, however, the cost can be expected to be around 20% of the initial market price after a three-year contract. If you do not wish to redeem the bike, you are obliged to return it to Epassi.

Please note that the following conditions apply to being able to return a bicycle after the lease period. If the below requirements are not met, you as a user are obliged to redeem the bike.

The frame is straight and has no major damage.

The wheel rims are in good condition, no broken spokes.

The gears are in good condition.

The brakes are in good condition.

The tires are in good condition.

In the case of an electric bicycle, the electric assistance and its control functions must be functional.