You can log in to the Epassi app or on the home page (top right) with BankID , e-mail address or phone number.

How you can log in is governed by the information we have received from your employer. If it doesn't work with social security number and BankID , try using e-mail or mobile number linked to your employer.


Log in with BankID .

Follow the instructions below to log in with Mobile BankID or BankID on the computer. Please note that BankID must be installed on the mobile phone on which the app is installed. If you don't already have a BankID , you can read more about how to get one here.


Select BankID . Select country and then press log in with BankID 

Start BankID . Start BankID on your mobile and confirm with your security code.

Grant access. Allow location services to see providers near you.

Log in with mobile number.

To be able to log in with a mobile number, it must be registered on your Epassi account on our website.


Select method. Select log in with phone number.

Enter number. Enter your number to which the service is linked.

Code is sent. You will receive an SMS with the verification code.

Fill in the code.

Log in with email address.

Follow the instructions below. You then log in with your login details.


Select method. Select log in with email.

Enter email. Fill in the email to which the service is linked.

Verification code. You will receive a verification code to the email address you entered.

Fill in the code.

How can I order a new password?

As an employee, you do not need a password for the Epassi app or the web service. Enter your phone number or email address when logging in and you will receive a text or email (depending on which you entered) containing a one-time password that you use to log in.