The easiest way is to pay with the Epassi app . Please note that not all payment methods are available with all suppliers. Search for a supplier for more information on how to pay with them.


Pay with the app .

The app shows the current balance for your benefits. Follow the instructions below to complete a purchase. Please note that the receipt must be presented to the checkout staff within 15 minutes of the payment being completed, therefore wait to pay until you arrive at the checkout. If the receipt has "expired", the supplier has no obligation to accept the payment. This means that you cannot get your balance back after 15 minutes have passed as the purchase has already been registered with the supplier, but must then make a repurchase*.

 Select supplier. Search for and click on a supplier in the list.

Enter amount. Enter the amount or select the price that the provider has specified for the service.

Confirm the purchase. Check and approve the payment by dragging the slider to the right.

Quit. Show your ID and the payment receipt to the cashier.

* If you want to make a return on your purchase, then check with the supplier if it is possible directly. You can also contact our support if there are any questions about this.


Pay online from the web.

Online payment is a payment option with your healthcare allowance for those who do not have a smartphone or for some other reason do not want to use the Epassi app . When you have completed your purchase, you will receive a receipt for the payment which you will take with you to the health care provider.


You can only make payments up to your available wellness balance. If the cost of the health care service is higher, you pay the difference on site at the provider, using one of the payment methods offered at checkout.


Log in to

Go to Online payment.

Enter the name of the supplier and click "Search".

Select the supplier's name in the drop-down list that appears below and click "Next".

Fill in the requested information. Check that the amount to be paid is correct and click "Pay".

Now you can download your receipt by clicking on the link in the middle of the page.

The receipt is also sent by email to the address you provided in point 3. The receipt is proof of your payment, print the payment confirmation and take it to your healthcare provider. The purchase confirmation is valid for 14 days.


Pay with ID.

Many suppliers offer the option of paying with ID on site. They have their own Epassikassa where they enter your social security number and amount.


Say that you want to pay with Epassi and show your ID at the checkout.

Tell us what amount you want the provider to deduct via your healthcare contribution, the whole amount or part of the amount.

The provider can never see your current balance. If the balance does not cover the amount, the supplier will receive a message about it and you will have to pay the remaining amount in their cash register. The sum is deducted directly via your contribution and you receive a confirmation via email.