How do I activate my new Epassi card?
You simply need to make a purchase with chip & PIN.
To which address will the card be sent?
The cards must be sent to the civil registration address. Our delivery time is approx. 5–12 working days.
Will my balance be automatically transferred to the new card?
If you wait for the new card, the balance will automatically be transferred to the new card linked to your account.
What PIN code do I have for my card?
Log in to the Epassikortet app to see your new PIN code. Click on "My account" in the top right corner and then on "Show PIN code". You ...
Will I be able to choose or change my PIN code?
Unfortunately, the PIN code cannot be changed. You can easily access "Show your PIN code" in the app Epassikortet or through logged in mode at lun...
I accidentally entered the wrong PIN code and can no longer use my card.
To reset your PIN code, log into Epassi via the web browser on your pc and click "Unblock Pin" 
How do I activate my card?
The Epassi cards are activated when they are delivered to your home. You need to identify yourself with BankID and log in to our app "Epassikortet"...
I have ordered top-up in my calendar but have not received it on the card, where has it gone?
Contact your HR or our customer service via the contact form and we will see what has happened to your charge.   If you use the benefits portal Benify, pl...
How do I order top ups?
You order top ups via our app or your web account. Go to the "top up" tab and choose either to accept/decline month by month or enter a subscripti...
I want to put a purchase block on my card, how do I do this?
You can set a transaction limit for your card in our app Epassikortet.   Go to "Settings" (the figure in the upper right corner), select "D...